Our Premium Email Service Includes:

  • Up to 10 mailboxes (user accounts) with a default mail storage limit of 50MB's each (we recommend configuring a third-party application to download and store these messages. Instructions can be found below).
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists (may also be known as an "alias account" or "distribution list"). Email sent to this type of account is not stored on our servers and can be configured to forward messages to one or multiple recipients.
  • Unlimited Static Routes (functions as a forwarding address to only one recipient; no email storage)

Example: Greatest Community may be using "greatestcommunity.com" as their website domain name. With a Premium Plan, Greatest Community may have up to 10 user accounts (such as "webadmin@greatestcommunity.com"), along with unlimited mailing lists/static routes.

Note: If your community requires more than 10 mailboxes (user accounts), please contact sales@athomenet.com to request additional accounts.

Requesting Email Accounts:
  1. If you are not sure which plan you have, send an email to sales@athomenet.com to check in with your account representative and they can confirm what you have currently. They can also assist with upgrading from a Standard or Pointer Plan to a Premium Plan if you are interested in using our Premium Email service.

  2. When starting Premium Email service, send us a list of the User Accounts, Mailing Lists, or Static Routes you would like to have created. In the case of Mailing List/Static Route requests, be sure to also include the email address(es) that these accounts should forward email to.

    You may send that list to support@athomenet.com or to your sales person if upgrading to the Premium Plan.

  3. We will create those addresses and make sure the domain name is set up correctly for them to work.

Accessing Your New Email:

There are 2 main ways to access your mailbox (user account): Webmail or Email Client (i.e. Outlook)

To access your user account via Webmail:
  1. Go to http://mail.greatestcommunity.com (replace greatestcommunity.com with your domain name)
  2. Type in the following:
    • Login: <Enter Full Email Address>
    • Password: <Enter Email Password> (Password will be provided to you once the account has been created)
To access your email via Email Client: