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Choose from the list below to learn how to use the features of your site. A full list of features is available too.


  Feature List (PDF)
  Template Welcome Letter (Word)
  Resident Data - Sample (Excel)
  Getting Started with Front Desk (PDF)

New User Training (Video)
  Other Helpful Videos
  AtHomeNet Youtube Channel

Address Book/Resident Directory

  Address Book
  Address Book Export
  Address Book Reports
  Adding a Profile - Address Book Feature (PDF)

Overview (Video)
  Security Levels (Video)

Address Book Report (Video)
  Address Book Categories (Video)
  Additional Address Book Fields (Video)
  Adding a Profile (Video)
  Adding a Profile with Board Access (Video)
  Adding a Profile from Login Requests (Video)
  Moving a Profile Between Categories (Video)
  Editing User Profile / My Profile as Resident (Video)
  Lost Passwords (Video)
  Sending Login Information to User (Video)


  Adding Amenities (PDF)


  Facebook Integration (Video)
  Posting Announcements to Facebook (Video)


  Board Chat
  Board Documents
  Board Message



Concierge Package Pickup

  Concierge Package Pickup


  Online Documents


  Copying Content From Word (PDF)


  Updating Receivers - Eforms Feature (PDF)

Creating an eForm (Video)
  Adding Drop-Down List (Video)
  Link to Events Calendar Event (Video)
  Adding Recipient Assignment Field (Video)

E-mail Bulletins

  Email Bulletins
  How to Configure an iPhone or iPad (Word)
  How to Configure Outlook 2010 (Word)
  Deleting Custom Community Templates - Email Bulletin Feature (PDF)
  Attaching Documents - Email Bulletin Feature (PDF)

Sending a New Email Bulletin (Video)
  New Bulletin Options (Video)
  Exploring Templates (Video)
  Saving a Custom Template (Video)
  Checking Status (Video)
  Creating Subscription List (Video)
  Review Subscription List (Video)
  Auto-Post to Announcements (Video)

Events Calendar

  Events Calendar

Adding Recurring Events (Video)
  Editing & Deleting Events (Video)
  Adding Event to Announcements (Video)
  Sending Event as Email Bulletin (Video)
  Events Calendar Settings (Video)

Instant Articles

  Overview (Video)

Login Requests

  Removing Cached Login Credentials (PDF)

Processing Login Requests (Video)
  Processing with "No Match" (Video)
  Retrying a Previous Request (Video)
  Adding a Profile from Login Requests (Video)

Message Board

  Message Board

Overview (Video)
  Upgrading from Old to New (Video)
  Sorting Columns (Video)
  Pin & Lock (Video)


  Introduction (Video)
  Sending a Message (Video)

Photo Albums

  Photo Albums


  Amenity/Facility Reservations
  Setting Up Reservation Resource (Video)
  Adding Reservation Times (Video)


  Create a Survey (Video)


  TOPS Data Flow (PDF)
  TOPS Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)
  Website Informer Letter (PDF)
  TOPS Manual (PDF)
  TOPS Checking Community Upload Information - Things to be Sent (PDF)
  Online Payments with TOPS (Video)

Track Links

Track Links Overview (Video)

What's Nearby

  What's Nearby
  Editing Search Terms - What's Nearby? Feature (PDF)


  Widget Wizard

Overview (Video)
  Activating Widgets (Video)
  Moving and Creating Widgets (Video)
  Widget Wizard (Video)
  Adding Widget to Home Page (Video)
  Deleting Widget from Home Page (Video)
  Understanding Widget Sizes (Video)
  Private Homepage Pop-up Details (Video)
  Sorting Widgets with Favorites (Video)

Twitter Widget (Video)
  Instant Articles Widget (Video)
  Events Calendar Widget (Video)

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